Grey Alien Spotted In A Photograph In Devon Park

Alien Newton Abbott Devon

A PARANORMAL investigator claims to have snapped this picture of a “real grey alien” during an alleged bizarre encounter he had with the creature in a Devon park.

John Mooner claims to have had a close encounter of the third kind the bizarre humanoid in the park in Newton Abbott, Devon, on Monday this week.

Mr Mooner, who runs the website, claims the being resembled a “classic alien grey” and was hostile towards him.

He told the Herald Express local newspaper: “I was doing some paranormal investigation looking for anything out of the ordinary and I had just walked around the woods when I saw someone standing there in the park.

“It was as I got closer that I realised that it was no man.

“I had the shock of my life it was a grey alien. The grey alien was just standing there blocking the way I was heading.

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