Guy’s Face Left Scarred After Getting Mike Tyson Henna Tattoo

When you come home from a LADs’ trip to Greece, you might be carrying a terrible hangover and a scratch or two. But you don’t expect to return with one of the most famous face tattoos scarred into the side of your head.

Well that’s what James Colley had to deal with after a trip to the island of Zante.

He jumped at the idea of a cheap €10 henna tattoo and got the classic Mike Tyson print inked onto the left-hand side of his face. Most people would have had that temporary tattoo for just a few weeks – but unfortunately for James, this one was going to hang around for a bit longer.

His tweet has been liked by 24,000 people, some of whom have shared their own story about getting scarred from a henna tattoo.

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