When Your Hair Tells You It Needs Protein Or Moisture!

Believe it or not our hair speaks to us—we just have to listen! The health of our hair is a result of listening to our hairs needs and fulfilling it accordingly. Determining when our hair wants moisture and/or protein is vital to its overall health and condition. Luckily, there are common indicators that will help you decipher what your hair is in need of.

When you notice your hair is overly moist, limp, and mushy, it’s time for a protein treatment. Don’t get me wrong, moist hair is great; however, as the old saying goes, “too much of a good thing can be bad.” Overly moist hair can become very weak and fragile leading to breakage. Over time, moist hair, without the presence of protein treatments, can severely thin out leaving you with see-through ends. Throwing a dose of protein in your regimen every now and then will help to reinforce your hair fibers making it strong against breakage and increase fullness in your hair. Use a protein treatment weekly just for preventative maintenance.

Hair split ends


Your hair screams for moisture when it’s consistently dry, rough to the touch, and snapping off and breaking with hardly touching it! Moisture is crucial in removing brittleness from your hair and increasing elasticity, which helps to curb breakage. The best part about moisture treatments is that they hydrate, restore softness and smoothness into the hair. Slather a moisture treatment on hair once a week under steamer for 20-30 minutes to maintain moisture levels and elasticity. Your hair will be much happier for it!

Do you know when your hair needs protein or moisture? Look for that indicator that tells..

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