Happy Mother’s Day Messages From Around The World

Endless love, priceless sacrifices and timeless bond if exists in any relation, it is the one between a mother and her child. Nothing can ever replace this special loving bond. Mothers are the greatest gift to the world of humanity. Hence, as the world dedicate this day to all mothers, thestatesman.com bring to you some heart-touching Mother’s Day messages from fashion designers.

Mother is everything to designer Gautam Gupta of AshaGautam.

‘My mother is not only a mother but a teacher and my best friend. She is fond of movies and this Mother’s Day I am planning to take her out for a movie followed by a nice Indian dinner,” he said.

She is the reason for existence.

“My mother is the reason for my existence. She has been a friend to me and has always set examples for me. She has taught me to see the goodness in all, which I have practiced all my life and wish that my son would also imbibe,” shared designer Neha Khullar.

She is the greatest blessing.

“You know you are blessed when you have a force behind you all the time. Mothers are like that life force, playing both the advisor and best friend. We would be so much less of who we are, if it wasn’t for her,” Sheena Agarwal, Image consultant and director at Agashe- a multi designer store, said.

She is there always.

Designer Naisha Nagpal said, “I guess there is just one way to express how I feel about my mother. She is loving, supportive, compassionate and always ready to help. She has always been there for me and I hope to be there for her too.”

Let us all join them in celebration of all mothers and toast to the most loving bond of all.
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