Here’s What Powerful Politicians Look Like With Man Buns

Obviously it’s up to you how you want to wear your hair, but it’s pretty undeniable that having a top knots, or ‘man buns’, projects a certain idea about yourself.

A favourite of micro-brew bores and mansplainers, you can’t help but feel that anybody who ties their hair up like that has a little too much to tell you about their recent ‘travelling experience’ in south-east Asia.

The unique hairstyle was in the spotlight recently, after a photoshopped image of Donald Trump rocking a man bun went viral.

Now, that image in turn has spurned a Photoshop battle hosted by crowdsourcing website DesignCrowd, who held a contest asking users to edit the top knot onto politicians.

Credit: Twitter/FigDrewton

Here are some of the best ones:

Barack Obama

Photoshop Design by jkrebs04 for Give famous politicans man buns! - Design #7544819

Credit: DesignCrowd/jkrebs04

Abraham Lincoln

Credit: DesignCrowd/jbijuak

Kim Jong-Un

Photoshop Design by cornel888 for Give famous politicans man buns! - Design #7557419

Credit: DesignCrowd/cornel888

George W. Bush

Credit: DesignCrowd/jkrebs04 

Adolf Hitler

Photoshop Design by Seyvaq.S for Give famous politicans man buns! - Design #7569273

Credit: DesignCrowd/Seyvaq.S

Tony Blair

Credit: DesignCrowd/see why

Vladimir Putin

Photoshop Design by waytfung for Give famous politicans man buns! - Design #7560030

Credit: DesignCrowd/waytfung

As if there weren’t enough sociopaths with top knots already.

Featured Image Credit: DesignCrowd

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