Horrific: See the Moment a Plane Crashed and Burst Into Flames on a Busy Motorway [Video]

Motorists were given the shock of their lives recently when a plane crashed right into the same road they were plying.

The plane crashed into a busy motorway
A really startling video has shown the moment a plane crashed into a busy motorway.
According to Metro UK, the aircraft had only just taken off from John Wayne Airport in California when it experienced a power failure.
A plume of flames and smoke engulfed the plane as it came down shortly after take-off.
The pilot tried to land in the airport, but the small Cessna plane crash landed in the outskirts.
The Pilot, Francis Pisano, 62, managed to touch down on the 405 Freeway near MacArthur Boulevard on June 30.
Pisano and his 55-year-old wife Jana, sustained minor spinal injuries.
The couple are expected to make a full recovery after the crash landing.
At least four vehicles were damaged in the plane’s descent, including a pick-up truck which spun out of control.
Thankfully motorists and passengers avoided serious injury.
Watch the video below:

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