Horrifying Footage Shows Plane’s Engine Flapping In The Air With 520 Passengers On board

The engine of an Air France plane from Paris to the USA disintegrated in the sky, forcing the aircraft into an emergency landing.

Footage shows part of the plane’s engine flapping in the air with 520 passengers on board. Watch it here:

Credit: Twitter / @theamadoor

The pilot was forced to divert to Canada’s Goose Bay airport – a small airport not usually equip to deal with such large planes.

The plane landed safely at around 1:40pm local time with part of the engine missing and debris scattered across the runway. Upon landing the aircraft was met by fire crews before the runway could be reopened.

One passenger tweeted that the engine had ‘blown apart’ over the Atlantic.

Another said they heard a ‘loud thud and a lot of vibration’ before looking out of the window at the horrific scene.

A passenger sharing one of the photos said: “I think the engine has seen better days.”

Peter Cowan also shared an image of the engine and wrote: “This is the reason ground crews had to pick up pieces of the plane off the runway after landing.”

Air France said in a statement on social media: “AF66 landed safely. Customers taken care by Air France and rerouting solutions on going.

“Technical issue identified, AF66 diverting per precaution to Goose Bay YYR for technical checks.”

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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