How Much is 80000 Pennies Now? Check the Complete Information From Here!

How Much is 80000 Pennies Now? Check the Complete Information From Here!

There must be times when you got curious about counting pennies. What if someone is paying for something expensive in pennies? Have you tried that before? But if, for some reason, we don’t have paper money anymore? It is impossible, but interesting nonetheless, to live in a world where everyone carries pennies. But the problem is everywhere you go, like a mall or restaurants, you will hear the sound of pennies.

It is very easy to forget the convenience that paper money gives us. We work our entire lives to get paper money, and the more we have, the happier we become. Do you think you will feel the same way with pennies?

Curiosity involving the world of money has always been existing in the mind of the people. So, just for fun, we are now going to talk about pennies. To be more precise, we are going to talk about how much 80000 pennies is worth and more.

What is a penny?

A penny is a coin or a unit of currency in many countries. The word penny is derived from the Carolingian denarius, which means the smallest denomination in a currency system. That’s why when you hear the word penny, no matter where you are, it always refers to the smallest unit within the currency system. Usually, a penny is also called a cent.

Penny and cent are often used interchangeably. While penny is more common in the UK, cent is used by some people in the U.S. Nevertheless, the word penny is also popular in the U.S. where people often use it in various transactions.

The history of pennies

In the U.S. the word penny has been used since the early 19th century. It was started with an unpopular currency called the copper chain cent back in 1793. Then it got popular when Abraham Lincoln became the first historical figure to appear on a one-cent coin. Some of the popular places in the world to use pennies are South Africa and England.

Outside of the U.S. pennies have been around since the 1300s, when the cash framework began. Many historians speculated that the word penny during that time was born from the native language of Scotland. So based on this theory, the word penny was born from the word punic, which means face. Because back then, pennies usually have the face of the Carthaginian goddess on one side.

Nowadays, however, pennies aren’t really desirable. Sure, people expect to get their changes in a form of pennies. But many people also don’t like pennies and will give them away upon receiving them. Some people would also just dump all the pennies they got in a jar and put the jar away.

But there are also plenty of funny stories involving pennies. Like those guys who paid for something expensive, even a car, in pennies only. They would carry boxes or even a wheelbarrow full of pennies. There are also places where you can count all your pennies and exchange them for paper money.

So both desirable and hated, that is the state of pennies today. What about you? Do you think you are happy when you get pennies? Where do you store your pennies?

So how much is 80000 pennies?

Now we go back to the first question, how much is 80000 pennies? I know it is difficult to imagine 80000 pennies. Like how are you going to carry all those pennies around? A sack of 80000 pennies must weigh a lot.

The answer is 80000 pennies equal to 800 dollars. That’s right, if you had 80000 pennies, you could exchange them for 800 dollars. Quite a lot of money, but you can definitely fit 800 dollars in your wallet or pocket. Whereas 80000 pennies would require a wheelbarrow to be carried around. Does this make you appreciate paper money more?


As you can see, there is always something interesting to talk about regarding pennies. Considering that 80000 pennies is worth 800 dollars, you may want to save all your pennies from now on. After you have collected enough pennies, you can bring them somewhere to count and exchange them all in one go.

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