How to Get to Desolace in WoW Classic

How to Get to Desolace in WoW Classic

Many people are stuck in getting to Desolace. Are you one of them? Don’t worry, in this article we are going to learn how to get to Desolate in WoW Classic as either an Alliance or Horde. The step-by-step guide in the article should be very easy to follow so you can be sure to get yourself unstuck. Without further ado, let’s check out the guide.

Desolace in WoW Classic

Desolace in WoW Classic is an area of grey wasteland located in Kalimdor. In the area, you can find the Stonetalon Mountains in the north, Molgole in the east, and Feralas in the south. So there are many interesting landmarks here. Also, the west part of Desolace is surrounded by the ocean. Players want to get to Desolace because this area is full of gold, silver, and iron. So players can mine these resources once they get in the area.

The level requirement is also important, which is 30-40. 30 is when players would want to get to Desolace as soon as possible. But the problem is it can get quite intimidating to get there. The maps are complex and finding the right path could cost you a lot of time and energy.

How to get to Desolace in WoW Classic

Here is the step-by-step guide that you’ve been looking for. I hope this guide can help you enjoy the game instead of wasting minutes or even hours figuring out the right path. One short reminder that you can use this guide for any Horde or Alliance race.

Night Elf race

For Night Elf players, you should get to Desolace via the Ashenvile Forest route (18-30) or Stonetalon Mountains route (15-27). So you can get yourself familiarized with these routes pretty early in the game. Once you hit the level requirements for these areas, make sure you know the routes well enough, so you can plan ahead.

Now, the trick is that depending on where you are right now in any of these two areas, you have to head towards the Charred Vale in the southwest area of the Stonetalon Mountains. If you are in the Ashenvile Forest right now, you can go to Talon Deep path on the southwest to enter an area called Windshear Crag in Stonetalon Mountains. From this area, you can go ahead and move to Sunrock Retreat in the same direction as before and then go to Charred Vale.

Gnomes and Dwarves

For Gnomes and Dwarves players, you have a completely different route to take here. First, you would want to move out from your home in the Ironforge. Then, take the path northeast in Don Morogh and enter the Wetland.

After you get to Wetland, just keep following the road to reach the western part of the Wetland. In this area, you will find Menethil harbor on the northwest of Menethil bay. From the harbor, you can simply take the boat to get to Auberdine. Now your goal here is to reach Ashenvile Forest in the south and then follow the same path as the above guide.

Human race

For Human players, you will need to go to Stormwind. In this location, you will have to reach the Dwarven District, then travel all the way via the deep run tram to Ironforge in Don Morogh. The deep run tram is like an underground subway that connects Ironforge to Stormwind, so you can travel easier this way.

Next, follow the same path as the above guide for Gnomes and Dwarves players. Basically, you will want to reach Menethil harbor and then travel to Auberdine.

Horde race

For Horde players, to get to Desolace, you need to reach Undercity first. In this location, you will find a zeppelin near the Brill area. This zeppelin can take you to Origimmar in Kalimdor. From Kalimdor, you will want to move to Barrens in the southwest area and then enter Stonetalon Mountains in the northwest from the Greatwood Vale area. Next, travel to Sunrock Retreat and enter the Charred Bale. This path will take you straight to Desolace.

You can finally get to Desolace in WoW Classic

There you have it guys, now with this guide, you can easily get to Desolace. Make sure you read the guide above based on what race you are playing then just simply follow the step-by-step guide, and you will get to Desolace in no time.

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