How to Make Cake in a Sandwich Toaster

Cake in a sandwich toaster? Yes,you read it right!
During my varsity years, the sandwich toaster was every student’s best friend, ‘cos you can easily pop in 2 slices of bread, an egg and some veggies and taddam! you have a yummy ”Naija style toast bread” for breakfast.
I have always wondered what else I could do with my bread toaster; so imagine my excitement yesterday, when I got a message from a subscriber, who wanted to know if she could make a cake without a cake mixer & an oven. She also stated that, as a campus student she only owned a stove and a sandwich toaster, so I thought, why not give it a try?
And now, foodies, I present to you a yummy, soft and spongy Cake, made in a Sandwich Toaster …. Enjoy!

* 1 cup Plain flour (128 grams)
*  1/2 cup softened Butter /Margarine/ Oil (113 grams)
*  1 tablespoonful Baking powder
*  1/2 cup Sugar( 8tbs  or 100 grams )
*  1-2 Eggs
* 30 ml milk or water(more or less)
* 1 tsp.  vanilla /strawberry extract or ground nutmeg(optional)
*3 tablespoonful Cocoa Powder/or melted chocolate(optional,but use it if you want a  brown cake ) 
Note that you can make use of any cake recipe,such as the Banana Cake recipe or the Apple Cake Recipe.  So let’s get started.

1. In a large bowl, combine the softened butter and sugar together and beat/mix until creamy.

2. Add the eggs and continue mixing; then add the essence or flavor of choice.Mix thoroughly.

3. Gradually sift in the flour& baking powder, mix and add the milk/water , bit by bit,and continue mixing until you get a light consistency, with no lumps.
If you are making the brown cake,sift in the cocoa powder with the flour.

How to Make a Cake in a Sandwich Toaster / Maker, nigerian cake

4. Now, prepare the sandwich toaster by brushing the insides with melted butter or oil. Close it and preheat for 3 minutes.

5. Then scoop in the cake batter into each of the four wells of the sandwich toaster/maker.
Tip: if you want a cake with the shape of toast bread, then fill the sandwich maker to the square mark, but for a smaller triangular cake, fill only the smaller triangular wells.

preparation of Cake in a Sandwich Toaster / Maker, nigerian cake
Large Triangle in square mark
preparation of Cake in a Sandwich Toaster / Maker, nigerian cake
Small Triangles

6. Close the lid and leave for about 3 minutes or until lightly browned on both side.
Tip: To check for doneness, simply dip a toothpick into the cakes;if the toothpick comes out clean and dry, you know the cake is ready, if not, you’ll have to leave it for an extra minute or until well done.

7.  Now, remove the cakes from the sandwich toaster , serve and enjoy.
The cake keeps well in the fridge for up to a week, simply pre-heat in the microwave and it’s fresh again.
Feel free to experiment and be creative with the recipe, you’ll be glad you did ☺.

Cake in a sandwich Maker, nigerian cake


how to make Cake in a Toaster, nigerian cake

Other recipes you can make in a Sandwich toaster includes Omelette, Akara, Pancakes and Flat bread. To do this, simply grease the pan and place the batter or dough on the hot sandwich toaster; cook for 3-5 minutes and check for doneness.

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