How to Make Wood in Little Alchemy

How to Make Wood in Little Alchemy

I have some tips here to help you make wood in Little Alchemy. Overall, there are 9 cheats you can use to make wood. You can try out these tips and let the fun begin. I am sure anyone can easily understand all the tips here and apply them in Little Alchemy. Then, you can think of all the possible ways to get wood from a tree and easily come up with the required combinations to make stuff.

How to make wood

Here are some tips to make wood in Little Alchemy. There are nine possible combinations you can do.

  1. Axe and forest. If you are in a forest, you need an axe to chop all the trees that you want. By having an axe ready, you can be sure to chop these trees with ease and get all the wood you need. It is very simple and basic, I am sure you can do it during your first hour in Little Alchemy.
  2. Axe and tree. Similar to the above tip, you need an axe ready and find a tree that is ready to be chopped. Strike the tree while having the axe equipped and chop away, This way you can get wood from the tree and repeat the process to a new tree.
  3. Chainsaw and forest. These days, people tend to use chainsaws to get wood in Little Alchemy. Chainsaws work really well to cut trees with. So, if you are going to a forest with a chainsaw, you can easily get a lot of wood.
  4. Chainsaw and tree. Same thing. You need a chainsaw to get wood from a tree.
  5. Lumberjack and forest. The term lumberjack refers to a person who cuts wood and processes it. They are common in North American culture. So lumberjack and forest are a good combination to make wood, and it makes sense, too.
  6. Lumberjack and tree. Again with a similar combination. A lumberjack is a person who cuts trees to get word. So this combination makes a lot of sense.
  7. Tool and forest. Tools such as metal tools can help you cut wood in a forest. This combination is really good and can get you wood easily.
  8. Tool and tree. You can use tools to get wood from a tree as you would in a forest. Tools can either cut or break a tree.
  9. Sword and tree. Not the most common combination, but it works. This combination can be used to serve you to get wood, but it will take more time to cut a tree, let alone a forest.

What you can make from wood

Now, it’s time to make some things with the wood you get. There are so many things you can do with wood. There are plenty of combinations that will keep you busy for a very long time. I will give you some examples here.

Wood and story make Pinocchio, plant and wood make tree, and wood plus air make flue. See how these items are unique from each other, and while these combinations seem weird to you, they do make sense in some ways. More examples are wood and bird make a woodpecker. Wood and blade make sword and axe, wood and tool make axe, and wood and ice make snowboard.

In total, there are about 64 possible combinations you can do in Little Alchemy, and it’s fun to explore these different combinations, especially the less common ones. You can even play the game with a free account. Some examples of weird and uncommon combinations are wood and pressure make paper, wood, and earth make a plow, and wood and glass make a mirror.


Making wood in Little Alchemy can possess a challenge to some players. While it may sound simple at first, finding new combinations can be very difficult and tricky. And after you get the wood you need, you can then make more stuff with it.

Overall, playing Little Alchemy is really fun and challenging. You are required to be creative and out of the box to figure out new combinations. I hope with this article, you can try to get new resources and make even weirder items with them. So if you haven’t already, it’s time to open up Little Alchemy and play.

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