Hungarian Court Acquits Journalist Who Kicked Refugees

Hungarian supreme court acquitted a camerawoman, who was filmed tripping and kicking migrants on the border with Serbia in 2015.

The court ruled that Petra Laszlo should have been charged with misdemeanor rather than a criminal offense.

The video journalist was previously given a 3-year jail term for the offense by a lower court.

The supreme court stated that her actions were “morally incorrect and illicit.”

In September 2015, a video went viral on internet showing a man tumbled to the ground while holding his son after being tripped by Laszlo.

In another footage, Laszlo was also seen kicking a little girl, who was trying to flee police on a field on the Hungarian-Serbian border.

Laszlo, who had been working for a Hungarian TV channel named N1TV, was sacked after the footages emerged.

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