Identical Triplets To Vye For Olympic Gold Medal

Three sisters from Estonia will make history at the Rio Olympics by just showing up: the marathon-runners are the first identical triple threat to vye for gold.

The 30-year-old triplets — Leila, Liina and Lily Luik — have come a long way since kicking off their running career in 2010 at Tartu University after a sporty childhood of dance and swimming.

“We do know we’ve qualified for Rio but surely the real excitement and anticipationwill hit us only once we’re there,” said Leila, the oldest.

Speaking in their hometown of Tartu, in the east, the three said they try to always support each other.

“There is no boss, we are a team and we discuss and decide everything together,”  said Lily.

“Born as Libra it takes us a lot of contemplation before we can make a decision.”

The blue-eyed blondes may be identical triplets, but their running style always gives them away.

“If all three of them run together, I can easily tell them apart,” said Harry Lemberg,their coach from the beginning.

Though Leila is the record holder among the trio with a marathon personal best of 2 hours 37 mins, Lemberg says Liina currently has the best form.

“It would be a good idea if they could run together most of the distance but unfortunately they are not always on the same level and cannot run at the same pace,” he tells AFP.

“Ideally, I would like them to run together, but it’s always a competition of course.”


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