If you’re not sweating in this heatwave seek for medical attention

If there is one thing we all hate about the heatwave, it’s having to deal with the constant sweating. As temperatures are expected to reach up to 37C this week, it is something we are all having to deal with more and more.
Although it might seem gross, sweating is actually vital in this heat and if our body stops, it could be fatal. It might seem gross, but sweating is vital in this heat. A human body’s normal temperature is between 37-38C, but if it rises above 40 your heat regulatory system can fail which can stop you from sweating as your body desperately tries to draw water nearer to your vital organs.
Heatstroke is a medical emergency, according to the NHS. Pubs without beer gardens are struggling in heatwave because everyone wants to be outside It can develop from heat exhaustion, which is not as serious and usually gets better when the person is cooled down. Signs of heat exhaustion include; headaches, loss of appetite, dizziness, excessive sweating, cramps and intense thirst.
If you notice anyone who may be suffering, it is recommended you move them to a cool place and have them lie down with their feet slightly raised. Heat stroke can develop from heat exhaustion. Encourage them to drink water, and cool their skin by using cool packs around their neck and armpits.
But if they have shown no signs of improvements after 30 minutes, call 999 immediately. When should you call 999 for heatstroke? The person is no better after 30 minutes feels hot and dry has stopped sweating seems confused has a temperature over 40C has rapid or shortness of breath has a seizure passes out children may become weak and floppy if they begin to suffer While you wait for help to arrive, put them in the recovery position If you are exercising in this heat, there is a high risk of heat exhaustion or stroke.
To prevent them, make sure you are drinking plenty of cold drinks, take a cool bath or shower and avoid going too hard during your workout.

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