He Inked His Skin With 40,000 Cross Marks To Highlight Animal Rights

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This is Alfredo Meschi.

He turned vegan three years ago, having spent the past 50 years fighting for animal rights.

Initially from a family of fishermen and hunters, he’s now using his body as a ‘permanent performance piece, a policial manifesto’ for animal liberation.

He’s inked his skin with 40,000 cross marks to signify all the animals who fall victim to our society.

And of course, the tattoos have been created with vegan ink as well as cruelty-free disinfectants and cleaning products.

The inspiration for the huge undertaking apparently came after discovering Poner el Cuerpo, Sacar la Voz, a group of Mexican artivists who use their bodies as a means of protest against their government colluding wiht narcos.

‘We live in a society built on endless, self-inflicted amnesia. It’s as if our awareness of injustice, compassion, and empathy is a switch that gets turned on and off,’ Alfredo tells Konbini.


‘At the start of my career in activism, I sought a way to resist such amnesia, a way that would remind me of the fight every single second. And every second, no less than 40,000 animals are killed for the sole purpose of satisfying our appetite. I wanted to capture that and preserve it forever on my skin.’

And this isn’t his first foray into body artivism.

He’s done a variety of things, from wearing a cattle tag in one of his ears for a photo shoot inside a slaughter house, to dunking himself in freezing sea water to highlight overfishing.


‘The era of ‘present moment art’ begins. And in the present moment, we all need to face the biggest challenge of our history – saving a planet that is dying, and interrupting a holocaust of sentient beings,’ he says.

‘The first step in accomplishing these two perspectives is becoming ethical vegans. And we can do it now. Every second counts.’

And you can see more of Alfredo’s artivism on his Instagram:


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Most of my Xs are Fish. They are the most exploited and tortured Animals, and the most invisibile and forgotten ones , even among the Animal liberation movement. I stand for them. Let's do that together! Fish Feel Fear. Photo by Tony La Manna (These are the Great White Shark fishing hooks that I use in my "Fish Feel Fear" perfromance. These are Weapons of Mass Destruction.) #fishfeelfear #fff #pesciprovanopaura #ppp #totheanonymoustrillion #fishismurder #alfredomeschi #40000x #byanymediumnecessary #misothery #antispeciesism #animalliberation #untilallarefree #stopanimalholocaust #veganactivist #vegantattoo #artivism #artivismo #tatuaggiovegan #2017vegan #veganartivism #someonenotsomething #bodyart #projectx

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