Instagram Has Just Announced A Big Change To Its Stories Feature

If you’ve ever shared a video of yourself and your friends attempting to dance like Beyonce after one/six too many G&T’s on Instagram Stories only to cringe the next morning when you see it was watched by your former boss from 2012, your ex-boyfriend’s flatmate and a colleague you’re only on small-talk terms with, you can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to the app’s latest update.

Instagram has just announced a new feature to Instagram Stories called ‘Close Friends’.

Close Friends is a list which you add certain, chosen Instagram followers too and then choose to share some Stories only with this group rather than your entire following. So for those more personal snaps say of said drunken evenings, personal ones with the kids or a funny-face selfie, you can just share them with people you actually want to see them.

“Instagram Stories has become the place to express yourself and share everyday moments, but our community has grown — sometimes what you want to share isn’t for everyone,” the company said in a blog post announcing the update. “With Close Friends, you have the flexibility to share more personal moments with a smaller group that you choose.”

To add people to the list, go to your profile and select ‘Close Friends’ on the side menu. When you go to share Stories, there will then be the option to share with just the people on the close friends list.

To avoid any awkwardness, only you can see your Close Friends list and people can’t request to be added to it.

However, you will be able to see if you’ve made the cut on someone’s Close Friends list as, if someone has added you to their list, you will see a green badge when you are viewing their stories. You’ll see a green ring around their profile photo in the section at the top of the app where Stories are found, too.

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