Instagram model gets bitten by sharks while posing for a photo in a school of sharks

Bitten by a shark should be a truly frightening experience, what with all the agony and chance of drowning.
But you’ve got to admit, there’s something beautifully poetic about the thought of someone posing amidst a school of sharks and actually getting chomped by one.
Especially when that person is an Instagram ~influencer~. Model Katarina Zarutskie was doing it for the ‘gram, floating in the crystal clear waters of Staniel Cay in the Bahamas as her dad took some snaps. Beneath her were a load of sharks.

And not getting the whole blogger memo, they decided to have a nibble on Katarina’s arm. She told NBC that she was briefly pulled underwater while a five-foot shark had a chomp, before she ‘ripped (her) wrist out of the shark’s mouth as fast as (she) could’. Katarina, keeping a cool head, then swam to some nearby steps – keeping her arm out of water to avoid anymore naughty sharks from being attracted with the dripping blood.

She then had her bite cleaned and dressed and travelled to Flordia for further treatment. The owner of the marina told NBC that while the sharks are usually pretty docile, they ‘can and do bite’, often mistaking fingers and hands for bits of food. Ahhh, the things we do for Instagram.

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