How To Install IKEA Cabinet At Home

Some say that a repair in an apartment or house can be started but not finished. Obviously, this hilarious proverb is not optimistic. However, it discloses hidden pitfalls of bringing comfort to a dwelling place. At the same time, furnishing is the final stage of the repair. Since everything is ready, future dwellers need to install cabinetry in each room. While the bedroom or the living room raise no concerns, the kitchen can baffle anyone with the complexity of mounting.

IKEA endeavors to release its clientage from most troubles related to moving. Nevertheless, customers of this famous brand need to be prepared for upcoming difficulties since any piece of furniture is transported disassembled. It means that any table or cabinet expects the assembly procedure. Naturally, any concerns can be avoided if you opt for a service company like At the same time, some users choose the road less traveled.

You are encouraged to mount the kitchen set by yourself if your goal is to save your money. However, this task is not expected to be an easy one. Besides, be prepared to spend much time and efforts.


Any mounting of cabinetry begins with the provision of tools rather than unboxing. It would be awkward if you have no instrument to put unboxed parts together. For this reason, any customer who chose the DIY approach has to get right on the required tools namely screwdrivers, drill, hammer, spirit level, measuring tape, jigsaw, and other corresponding items for a successful mounting. If you lack experience in using a particular device like electric drill or jigsaw, it is advised to make some test operations to avoid inflicting damage on furniture.

Preparation of Room

A ready-built furniture for the kitchen is a set of cabinets and auxiliary elements like a sink and electronic appliances. It means that you need to prepare the venue for the mounting. Since cabinets are attached to the wall, attend to smooth its surface. The next step is marking the walls. Drawing the layout of your furnishing structure will facilitate your upcoming operations. If you opt for tiles instead of a splash back, perform your decoration works before the mounting of cabinetry.

Preparation for Hanging

A standard kitchen set consists of upper and lower rows of cabinets. Both of them are attached to the wall with screws. However, the advanced and more reliable solution to fix your cabinetry is to use suspension rails. This item facilitates the overall process of hanging both rows of units and releases from concerns associated with leveling and adjusting. Thus, you will have to use the spirit level only once when installing kitchen rails.


Once the preparation works are accomplished, you can proceed to the assembly. In order not to get lost in the variety of parts and small details, read carefully the enclosed IKEA guideline and make sure to follow them strictly. In most cases, the final success depends on your accuracy and advertency.

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