iPhone X Face ID Has A Secret Function Which Could Get You In Big Trouble At Work

If you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, the snooze button is one of the very worst inventions known to humanity

Now Apple has quietly introduced a new form of snoozing which might just encourage lazy people to spend a few more minutes in bed and enrage their boss in the process.

The iPhone X features a new system called Face ID which cleverly unlocks the device by scanning its owner’s face.

This game-changing feature has been hailed as the most important smartphone innovation since the first iPhone was released 10 years ago.

But Apple has hidden a new form of face-powered snooze button in the iPhone X which automatically turns down the volume of the device’s alarm.

The iPhone X has a secret function which could get you in big trouble at work
Face ID works by scanning the contours of your face
The iPhone X has a secret function which could get you in big trouble at work
It can adapt to changes such as growing a beard or putting on weight – and even works when the owner is wearing a mask 

All sleepy heads need to do is look at their X when it’s blaring at them and the bleeps and bongs of their alarm will suddenly become a lot quieter.

This is clearly great for the weird people who claim to always wake up just before their alarm goes off.

It’s also very handy for anyone who has to drag themselves out of bed hours before their more fortunate partner.

Yet it’s a nightmare waiting to happen for anyone prone to snoozing in the morning rather than leaping out of bed with a spring in their step.

Will it lead to an outbreak of extreme lateness among the people lucky enough to own Apple’s blockbuster smartphone?

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