ISIS Murders Two Terrified Men By Locking Them In building And Firing It

ISIS fiends have proudly released a sickening video showing two men being tied up in a building – which is then blown up.

The harrowing footage – produced by the terror group’s slick propaganda machine – shows the two clearly terrified men being interviewed before their horrifying death.

The video, titled ‘It does not benefit you to flee’ was reportedly filmed on March 8 in Syria.

Islamic State may have released the video to discourage defectors and those living under their brutal regime from fleeing.

As the terror group loses territory to its opponents and cash due to air strikes on oil infrastructure, many of its fighters have deserted.

New ISIS video reveals horrifying execution method

New ISIS video reveals horrifying execution method

The slickly-produced video also features other harrowing executions and propaganda showing US president Barack Obama engulfed in flames.

ISIS has released a series of bloody execution videos – which even the bloodthirsty Taliban has blasted as extreme.

Their savage methods include drowning men in a cage in a swimming pool, strapping explosives to the heads of kneeling men connected by wires and burning hostages alive in cages.

Today it was reported that an ISIS commander described by spies as the terror group’s ‘Minister of War’ is believed to have been killed in a US air strike in Syria

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