Italy has been criticised, after refusing take bodies of dead migrant and child who drowned in Mediterranean Sea

The woman and child were found 80 miles from the Libyan coast on Tuesday after their boat, which contained 160 migrants, was intercepted by authorities. NGO Proactiva Open Arms claimed two women and a toddler had refused to board the Libyan vessels and were abandoned in the sea after the Libyan coast guard destroyed the migrants’ boat.
Baby who feels pain just from being held ‘should be allowed to die, judge says The little boy and woman were found alongside a survivor 80 nautical miles from the Libyan coast. Miraculously, one of the women survived and she was taken in by Italy but the country apparently refused to receive the two deceased migrants.
Proactiva wrote on Twitter: ‘It is incomprehensible that they agreed to receive the rescued woman, who is suffering from severe hypothermia, but did not show the same willingness for the two corpses.’ Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini also responded to the allegations on the social network after reading an article, adding: ‘With all possible respect for the shepherd of Souls, instead of encouraging the arrival in Europe of the poor of all Africa, my duty to the government is to think first of the millions of poor Italians. Mistake?’

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