Ivanka Trump Congratulates Prince Harry And Meghan Markle But Is Slammed By Twitter Users


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Ivanka Trump tweeted a message for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after they announced their engagement on 27 November.

Waiting until 15 December to share her joy at the news, Ivanka wrote: “Wishing Meghan and Prince Harry a lifetime of love, laughter and happiness together.

“I have no doubt that this couple will do extraordinary things, both individually and collectively. Congratulations!”

But the First Daughter’s messages were not well received by everyone.

Her two tweets garnered hundreds of replies, and many of them criticised Ivanka.

Mike MacCormick said: “Aww how sweet but I don’t think y’all are gonna get invited”.

Ainsley said: “Still not getting invited to the wedding. Nice try.”

Chelsea Bakken responded: “Girl, you’re still not getting invited.”

ivanka trump news prince harry meghan markle twitterTwitter/Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump news: The mum-of-three sent a message of congratulations to Harry & Meghan

ivanka trump news prince harry meghan markle twitter
And Diane went even further, writing: “Hoo boy. It’s so transparent that you’re practically begging for a royal wedding invite. Not gonna happen, princess.”

But some felt Ivanka’s message was a good idea, and k. m.bonnar wrote: “What a nice sentiment. Please ignore all the haters out there.

“Too bad they don’t see the hatred and hurt in their words. They are no different than a playground bully.”

Elizabeth K.L Adamso said: “I think what everybody’s no seeing here is a flood of bullying the Trump family shame on your shame on you bullies.”

ivanka trump news prince harry meghan markle twitter

Ivanka Trump news: The First Daughter faced criticism for the message

Ivanka Trump wears chic cream coat at Christmas tree lighting

ivanka trump news prince harry meghan markle twitterTwitter/Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump news: Some followers came out in defence of Ivanka

Ivanka is very active on social media, often sharing her thoughts on Twitter and pictures from behind the scenes of her life on Instagram.

And she recently shared an intimate photo to the social media site, much to the surprise of her followers.

In the image, Ivanka holds her son Joseph, 4, while he cuddles a teddybear.

And what may be surprising is Ivanka is not wearing any makeup – not a look the First Daughter shares with the world very often.

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