Ja Rule Declares 50 Cent Is ‘My B-tch’ And Twitter Loses It

Ja Rule Declares 50 Cent Is 'My B-tch' and Twitter Loses It


See what Twitter is saying about the rapper’s feud, while you wait for 50 Cent to respond to the rapper’s rant.

Twitter couldn’t stop laughing Friday morning when Ja Rule desperately tried to reignite his feud with “p-ssy” 50 Cent — who Ja Rule declared is “my bitch.”

“Lol you sure you want to do this? You remember what happened last time,” one fan tweeted in the sea of amusement that took over the social media platform as Ja Rule became a top trending topic.

“Yeah I do,” Ja Rule responded to the tweet. “50 Cent got beat up, stabbed and shot what do you remember?”

The rappers originally fought in the early 2000s when a friend of 50 Cent’s robbed a chain from Ja Rule. After several diss tracks, Ja Rule famously showed up at 50 Cent’s recording studio to fight it out.

Ja Rule and 50 Cent confirmed that they made a truce in 2011, but now the the former — who most recently made headlines for the man-made disaster called Fyre Festival — told his followers a “fun hip hop FACT” about 50 Cent to stir up drama.

“50 cent is PUSSY,” he said. “Let’s be clear I mind my business, but for some reason 50 Cent keeps my name in his mouth. I think he’d rather have my dick in his mouth. Yo O’shea Jackson Jr. stay sucker free my brother. 50 Cent ain’t killing nothing, ain’t letting nothing die. I smell pussy is that you fif?”

Here are some other goodies from Ja Rule’s Twitter feed:

“Come on let’s keep it a buck 50 Cent is my son, my student, young paddawawn. You owe me your life boy,” he continued. “I own your soul 50 Cent and EVERYONE sees it now. You’re my bitch! Y’all really think 50 Cent is tough? This n-gga is trash. One good album.”

“And to all you journalist, bloggers, radio personalities DON’T BE SCARED TO ASK 50 Cent why did he get an order or protection or did I whoop him out at the studio or did he talk to the feds,” he added.

“Hey 50 Cent. Don’t make me expose you.”

“Fun hip hop FACT: 50 Cent has a tickle booty.”

“From NOW ON EVERYONE CAN REFER TO 50 Cent as #ticklebooty not fif not fiddy… #ticklebooty … that’s his name call him it to his FACE he ain’t gonna do SHIT… and if he does sue him like he did me.”

Perhaps Ja Rule was incensed by this recent interview, in which 50 Cent said he’d “put him to bed” if he ran into his old nemesis on the street.

While we eagerly await 50’s response, here are some of the funniest reactions TooFab could find.

“I smell pussy is that you ja?” 50 in 2004

“No it’s not. You is” – Ja rule. 14 years later

50 gonna mess around and have a Ja Rule lookalike on the new season of “Power” and kill him like he did with his son–I mean “Sean”

A bunch of 2000s babies weighing in on 50 and Ja Rule and their music.

Man, go somewhere.

Ja Rule really trying to restart his career by doing the same thing that ended it.

Ja Rule got a song called “Always On Time” but he pullin’ up on 50 Cent 18 years late.

i want a 30-for-30 podcast on everything that happened before Ja Rule sent that tweet.

2018 wild as fuck bro. we went from Trump tweeting reckless to Kim Jung Un to Ja Rule coming for 50 Cent. twitter is gonna be the downfall of civilization.

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