Jason Statham Takes On A Large Extinct Shark In The Meg Trailer

The first trailer for science fiction action horror movie The Meg has been released and, if anything, it’s even sillier than we expected. Based on a 1997 novel, it tells the story of a deep sea submarine attacked by a Megalodon shark – thought to have become extinct at least two million years ago.

With the ship disabled at the bottom of the sea, a rescue diver and an oceanographer must race against time to rescue the crew. The Meg stars Statham, Wilson, Li Bingbing, Ruby Rose, Winston Chao, and Cliff Curtis.

It’s thought that the Megalodon could grow to a massive 18 metres, which explains why this ancient creature has made so many memorable movie appearances.

We’re thinking of such ridiculous classics as Shark Attack 3: Megalodon, Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus, and the Sharknado franchise…

The Meg will be released in August 2018

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