Jay-Z Addresses Kanye West’s Relationship With Donald Trump On New Meek Mill Track

For a long time, Jay-Z and Kanye West were heralded as the #friendshipgoals, #bromance and #squadgoals of hip-hop, however, over the past couple of years or so rumours have swirled that it’s all gone a bit pear shaped.

At the time of release, Jay-Z’s album, 4:44, made headlines for a whole lot of reasons. From talking about his mother coming out as a lesbian to the widely-held belief it’s a response to Beyoncé’s bombshell album ‘Lemonade’, another angle which has caught attention is that it certainly seems he’s having a dig at ‘Ye on the alarmingly-titled track ‘Kill Jay-Z’.

Jay-Z releases ‘What’s Free’ with Meek Mill and Rick Ross, and there are some pretty interesting lyrics that blatantly refer to Kanye West.

Maybe this is something to do with Trump’s hair?

Soon after the track was released, Ja-Z took to Twitter to clarify that he and Kanye are still “brothers”, and he simply doesn’t want them to keep getting pitted against each other.

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