Jesus Lookalike Holds Up Sign In Front Of Anti-Gay Protesters And The Internet Finds It Hilarious

Each year, LGBT people come out to march, celebrate, and remember how hard our ancestors had to fight for us to live as freely as we do now. However, despite these Pride celebrations usually being an enjoyable time for people to connect with one another and celebrate their identity, there are still ignorant people who come out with their best attempts at ruining the fun.


I have stood in front of a man with a sign spreading hate at this year’s Toronto Pride. Although

freedom of speech allows people like these protesters to show up, it doesn’t make it a comforting or even a safe space for LGBT people.

A lovely thing happened when a large group of protesters showed up at a Pride celebration in Seoul, South Korea. A Jesus look-alike stood before them with a sign that read ‘I’m cool with it.’ The event had a record turnout of approximately 85,000 revelers.

Unfortunately among that crowd, was a group holding an impressively large sign that read ‘Homosexuality is Sin! Return to Jesus.’ With several people chanting in Korean. However, the happy pride attendees were not going to let them ruin their fun, especially this Jesus cosplayer.

The Irish Examiner has identified the Jesus cosplayer as 27-year-old Robert Evans, who is an American living in Seoul for the past four years now. Although this photographer identifies as straight, he explained he felt the need to spread the love in support of his queer friends.


Tons of people gathered to cheer him on and give him a hug, as well as thank him for what he was doing. People like him are necessary at these types of events. Twitter has also been obsessed with the photo. It was shared over 70,00 people by people all around the world.

There will always be people like this religious group who don’t get it and probably never will. It’s important that people continue to stand up for what they believe in and for their rights. If no one ever did, we would have never made it this far. Hopefully one day, the LGBT community will sway the protestors and everyone will be free to live life as they please.


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