John Cena Has Produced The Greatest Tweet In History After His Perfect Reaction To iPhone X’s Face ID

WWE wrestler John has been producing plenty of social media goodness as part of his on-screen feud with Roman Reigns, but he moved away from that tonight with a golden post about the newly launched iPhoneX, where Face ID has been introduced.

 John Cena Has Produced The Greatest Tweet In History After A Perfect Reaction To iPhone X's Face ID
Image Credit: Men’s Health

The 16-time world champion, 40, couldn’t resist joking about the difficulties he might have with the new feature – given that nobody can see him and all that…

“Sooo #iPhoneX about #FaceID …ummmmm …. what do I do?,” Cena wrote for his 10.1 million followers to see.

The belter of a Tweet has been Retweeted over 19,000 times and likes 24,000 times at the time of writing, and social media has been in hysterics over Cena’s brilliant Tweet.

Here are some of the best reactions:

This tweet is gonna break the internet :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
– Princy ツ :leaves: (@Princy2weets) September 12, 2017

That Tweet deserves Retweets galore, 100,000 plus. Come on, Internet, do your thing.

Featured Image Credit: Men’s Health

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