John Legend Called Donald Trump A Racist

American singer/song writer John Legend has calledDonald Trump a racist.

The United States (US) Republican candidate cancelled a rally in Chicago this weekend, citing security concerns, after clashes erupted between his supporters and protesters.

When Trump’s son took to Twitter, slating those who interrupted the event, the ‘All of Me’ crooner responded with a tweet saying they were only protesting against his racist father.

Legend also had a few spats with ‘Trump trolls’ on the social media site, with one user trying to discredit his higher education.
But he replied that he and ‘the Donalds’ graduated from the same university.
Secret Service officers rushed on stage to protect Trump during a disturbance at a rally on Saturday, a day after rowdy protests shut down his event in Chicago.

Trump briefly ducked at the podium and four Secret Service members scrambled to surround him after a man charged the stage at Dayton International Airport in Ohio.

Officers then grabbed the man, dressed in a black tee shirt and jeans, before he was able to reach the stage and hauled him away.

Source – eyewitness

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