John Legend Defends Kim Kardashian Over Baby Joke

Nasty things written on the internet probably to slide off Kim Kardashian like water off a duck’s back and guess who replied this twitter user ‘John Legend’.

The “Love Me Now” singer was having absolutely none of it on Wednesday night when someone on Twitter decided to come for Kardashian after the reality star divulged that she wanted more kids with husband Kanye West.

Responding to a tweet about the news, the Twitter user wrote, “Sometimes it seems the Chinese might have been on to something.”


The commenter is likely referencing China’s One Child Policy, a governmental mandate that restricted citizens from having more than one child through a system of fines and forced abortions. Intended to curb population growth, the policy was eventually phased out in 2015. Now, married Chinese couples are allowed to have two children per household.

While the Kardashians may have developed a sense of humor about themselves, there are certainly plenty of other ways to make fun of them.

Enter Legend, Kardashian’s knight in shining Twitter armor, who swooped in and responded to the hater with a swift and earnest takedown.

“That was pretty awful,” he wrote. “Shame on you.”

Kim Kardashian doesn’t need any help defending herself, but it sure is nice to see friends helping friends.

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