John Legend Sings Three Hit Songs Casually In London Strain Station

Ever wondered strolling through the train station, getting ready to hop on a taxi cab and maybe go to sleep and you suddenly hear the ever sweet sounds of John Legend crooning the song you might have probably danced to on your wedding or at least cried to after a heartbreak? This is exactly what happened to passengers on Wednesday at London’s St. Pancras Station. They stumbled upon the singer at a randomly placed piano, singing his hit songs – “All of me”, “Ordinary People and “Surefire”

Live Nation UK shared a video of the performance to Facebook to help promote the UK leg of John’s Darkness and Light tour, which starts in September. John first walked through the station like a boss, then casually flipped his camel coat over his seat like the ghost of Liberace and kept his sunglasses on like the ghost of Ray Charles. After that, it was all chaos, camera phones, and tears.

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