Justin Bieber Is Reportedly Dating This Really Cute American Actress

Justin Bieber reportedly has a new love interest and she’s a total hottie. The Canadian singer is rumoured to be dating actress Paola Paulin, and their dating life sounds wholesome af.

A source has told Us Weekly that the pair are, “totally smitten with each other.” And Justin has already introduced his new girl to someone very important in his life, his pastor.

Yep, these two are going on church dates. They both attended the same service back in September and then again earlier this week.

“They were cute together at church,” revealed the source. “Justin wanted Paola to meet the pastor, so he introduced her.”

If they are a couple it sounds like it’s getting next level serious to us. Isn’t that a bit like introducing your new love to your family?

Justin and Paola followed up their religious experience this week by heading to dinner at Soho House in West Hollywood, which sounds more like an actual date to us tbh.


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