Justin Timberlake interrupt London show to Sympathize England loss

Justin Timberlake pauses London show out of his second to commiserate England loss with shots. The singer took to the stage immediately after England’s crushing defeat to Croatia – he’d even delayed the start time and canceled his support act to screen the game for his fans – and he knew he had a tough job to perk the crowd’s spirits up after watching England lose by one goal in extra time.
So he knew what he had to do – shots. ‘Three Lions won my heart over and I am gutted,’ he yelled to the cheering crowd. ‘I am gutted! ‘So you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna have a drink.’
JT then pulled up a tray of shots and began handing them out to his dancers and musicians. Justin toasted England and told the crowd we’ll bring it home next time.‘We’re all gonna drink,’ he said. ‘Hold on a second there’s a lot of us, takes a second to pass these out.’ Once each of his band members had their shot glass, they all held them aloft as the 37-year-old gave a toast. ‘Here’s to my home away from home. Here’s to a wonderful, wonderful crowd, not one, but two crazy nights at the O2.

And like I said, you won my heart. So we’ll put one up for the boys in Russia right now. ‘We shall return. Not now but next time, it’s coming home. We love you England. Cheers!’ JT handed out shots. Despite the defeat the arena was packed to the rafters with fans cheering and dancing as JT brought the party. The previous night, he made 20,000 friends when he stopped his gig to shout ‘it’s…coming…home!’ ahead of the semi final game the following day. Timberlake shouted – with a slightly dodgy English accent: ‘Go on Kane! Go on Maguire!’ And just to cap it off, he and his band, the Tennessee Kids, played Three Lions. He’s definitely earned his honourary Brit status.

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