Justine Bieber and His Fiancee Both Crying


Justine Bieber and his fiance Hailey Baldwin wer spotted riding CitiBikes around New York but it look something must have went wrong cause Justine Bieber was crying, normally they have been busy going around New York City Making out and flaunting Hailey’s engagement ring.

But what most people thought was an argument but Bieber and Hailey have been talking so deep, sharing personal thing with each other which caused them to shed tears. Mostimes Justine used to rely on people just to help him but now thing has change he only trust and confide in Hailey. He also says that he has never fall-in love or move closer with someone in his life not even with Selena. He loves her because they support each other and share everything with one another, Justine is happy to have hailey and she is happy to have him too, they both have a shoulder to cry on.


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