Khole Chooses Kim Kardashian As The Legal Guardian For Her Baby ‘NOT’ Kourtney

It all goes down in the latest Keeping Up With The Kardashians

In the latest preview of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is about Khole, Kim, and Kourtney. Khole just choose Kim to be true’s the legal guardian and  Kourtney will ‘NOT’ be the legal guardian of her baby and judging by her expression, Kourtney ain’t happy.

Khloe says: “So I can’t make anything official until the baby is born…but I am going to probably have Kim as the legal guardian if, god forbid, something happens.”

“I don’t know my parenting style until I have a baby, but from what I envision my parenting style to be, I do think it’ll be more like Kim. A little more stricter,” she added.

Kourtney later admits how disappointed she is with Khloe’s decision.

See the video below:






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