Lesbian Couple Got Pregnant At The Same Time (Photos)

A lesbian couple, Toby Fleischman and Lindsay Lanciault, are married and they are both pregnant at the same time. Toby broke the news on Instagram saying:
lesbian couple pregnant awareness

‘We’re excited to share some news…Lindsay and I are both pregnant! Yes, you read that correctly. We are both having a baby….at the same time. Well, three weeks apart to be exact. Everyone always says they want to get pregnant with their best friend and I just happened to be lucky enough to be married to mine. Our “twin” boys will be joining us this summer and we couldn’t be more elated’.

lesbian couple pregnant awareness

Incase you are wondering how they got pregnant, both women chose to undergo insemination at home using sperm from a “dear friend” who grew up with Lanciault.

Fleischman is due July 22, and Lanciault is due just shy of three weeks later on August 10. Both are having boys.

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