Lost Australian Dog Hitchhikes 870 Miles To Find His Owner

Many dogs experience separation anxiety when their owners go away for a weekend or a vacation, and are miserable until the moment they’re beloved humans come home.

However, when one Australian man went away for the weekend for a friends wedding and left his dog home for the first time, his determined dog decided he wouldn’t just wait around until his owner came back. Instead, he broke out of the house, walked over 50 miles to the highway, and started to hitchhike the rest of the way to the wedding.

Photo by Noel Cassidy

“We’re not sure how he made his way out to the parking bay, then he was found by a truck driver…and jumped in the truck and rode all the way down to Perth,” said owner Reece Hays.“He just decided to go on a road trip.” The truck driver, Noel Cassidy, had been driving along the coast of Western Australia and had stopped to check the strappings on his truck when he thought he spotted a wild dingo on his trailer and jumped into his cab to stay safe.

“After I turned my torch on I realised that it wasn’t a dingo but just a dog and a well-looked after one as well, as it had a nice shining coat which dingoes don’t,” Cassidy said about the red kelpie, who wouldn’t stop following him after he gave the sweet dog some food. “Once I lifted him up into the cab he jumped straight into my sleeper cab on my bed as if he’s done this before, which is why I thought he belonged to another truck driver.”

Photo by Noel Cassidy

Over the next few days, Cassidy tried to drop the dog off a few times, but the kelpie refused to go anywhere and so the two traveled about 870 miles all the way to Perth. “Once we left Onslow I started to call him ‘dog’ and he listened – that was cool I thought,” Cassidy said. Cassidy’s son decided to post some pictures of the dog online to see if they could locate the owner and within a few hours Hays saw the post and contacted the family.

The dog, whose real name is Rusty, had made it almost the entire way to where his owner was staying for the wedding, but was just 186 miles short. Over the weekend, Hays was reunited with his clever dog and explained that he wouldn’t be leaving Rusty behind on future trips.“We might just keep taking him with us now, he wants to come on holidays with us now,” he said.

Featured image: Reece Hays

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