Loyal Dog Ran Away From Home To Find His Master’s Grave And Has Stayed By Its Side For 10 Years

A loyal dog has kept vigil at his dead owner’s graveside for more than 10 years after the man passed away in Argentina. Capitan the German shepherd has spent virtually every day sitting beside the graveof his late master Miguel Guzmán since he died in 2006.

And it seems the 15-year-old dog intends to remain faithful to his last, as he continues his ritual despite being almost totally blind and barely able to walk. .

Graveyard workers, who now care for 15-year-old Capitan, say he is ‘waiting until he can be reunited’ with his owner Cemetery workers, who feed and care for Capitan, told Oddity Central that it seems ‘as if he is waiting for the day when they will finally be reunited.’

Mr Guzmán bought the dog as a pet for son Damian, then 13 years old, back in 2005 before dying suddenly the following year. The dog’s vigil began the day after Mr Guzmán’s funeral, when he went missing from the family home in Cordoba.

Mr Guzmán’s wife and son launched a search for the dog, eventually locating him a 45 minute drive away in the village where his owner had been taken to be buried. They say it is a mystery how Capitan found the grave, claiming he had not been taken there before.

Damian tried several times to bring the animal home, but he always escaped and returned to the graveside, and they decided to leave him there.

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