Man Armed With Chainsaw Injures Five In Rampage Through Swiss Town

At least five people have been injured in an attack in the Swiss town of Schaffhausen, by a man armed with a chainsaw.

Two of them have been seriously injured according to police in the town in Switzerland. Police later said that it was not an ‘act of terror’.

People ran into shops to take cover after he started his attack in a branch of World View, a book store close to McDonald’s where a man was seen with a bleeding head.

Police were seen keeping guard outside the shop.

This morning police confirmed that they were still hunting for the man but would not initially say what weapon he used.

In a webcast by Swiss newspaper Blick, a spokeswoman said police were searching for the suspect.

One shopkeeper said that a man had been seen on the streets of the Old Town with a chainsaw.

Elsewhere, other shops and apartments are being evacuated by armed police as the search for the suspect goes on.

Police have confirmed that an operation was underway but declined to give further details.

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