Man Throws Faeces Around Airport Terminal In Thailand

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An American tourist has been arrested after rampaging naked around a Thai airport and throwing faeces while allegedly high on Viagra.

Steve Cho, 27, reportedly yelled incoherently and smashed goods in shops at Phuket International Airport before being stopped by police.

He told authorities he had taken “too many” sex drugs before the outburst on 4 January.

Pictures from the scene show shocked holidaymakers watching as he strolls towards duty free with no clothes on.

The man wandered through the terminal naked. Pic: Phuket News TV

“To control the situation and to prevent any danger that might happen to other passengers, the officers had to arrest the man,” Phuket International Airport said.

“The officers brought him to the walkway on the north side of the terminal to avoid other passengers and managed to calm him down at the Tourist Centre on the first floor.

“When he regained his composure he admitted that he took too many Viagra pills and lost consciousness.

“He accepted responsibility to reimburse for any damages that he caused.”

Officers at Saku Police Station told Sky News that despite admitting he had taken sex pills, medical teams found evidence of sleeping tablets.

They confirmed he was later released without charge and sent for hospital treatment before continuing his journey to South Korea on 6 January.

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