Mayor Of France Publicly Eats Giant Rat After Losing Champions League Bet Against Barcelona [Photos/Video]

Barcelona’s miraculous Champions League comeback against Paris Saint-Germain in last season’s Champions league forced a French mayor to eat a RAT after a bet backfired.

The mayor of the commune seen getting ready to eat a piece of rat
A Mayor of a commune in Southwestern France, Charles Dayot of Mont-de-Marsan, who had taken to his Facebook prior to the second-leg Barcelona vs PSG Champions league clash last season and bragged that PSG would emerge from the Nou Camp with a win over two legs, adding that he would eat a rat if they went out, has fulfilled his promise.
With PSG mecilesslesly beating Barca 4-0 in the first leg of their last-16 encounter, the French Mayor took to Facebook to announce he would gobble down the unappetising dish of rat if the Ligue 1 giants, PSG were dumped out by Barca in the second leg.
Dayot was left with no choice other than to swallow his pride along with a cooked rodent when Barcelona completed the unlikeliest of victories since the history of Champions league.
Dayot, who was elected mayor earlier in July, had earlier admitted he hadn’t carried out his promise given the game took place back in March. It took him quite a while to get around to eating his meal. But he has now followed through on his vow to eat a rodent.
The meal took place on Saturday, during the Fetes de la Madeleine, a local festival. Dayot ate the rat while using a PSG shirt as a napkin, letting a Barcelona top rest on the table next to him.
He was clearly slightly more enamored with the meal than he expected, suggesting that the unusual cuisine actually tasted like rabbit.
Watch the video clip below;

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