Meet the 33-year-old man who underwent 50 cosmetic surgeries to become a human doll

Rodrigo Alves, aka Human Ken Doll, is only 33 years old but he has undergone his 50th cosmetic surgery and now wants a recognition for going through such lengths to change his appearance.

According to Mirror UK, Alves recently had a facelift, eye lift and liposuction on his neck to upgrade his looks. Speaking with the media house, Alves opened up on why he returned for yet another cosmetic surgery.

He said:

“My skin [had] became uneven and with bumps and lumps, also saggy around my jaw line, so this week I decided that at the age of 33 I deserved an upgrade. I did very good research until I found the right doctor – Dr Calin Dobos performed my 50th procedure.

“He removed all the threads from my face, then he removed excess of skin and tighten all the muscles. Right now my face is very swollen and I can only have soup.”

Alves has appeared on over 50 shows in 38 countries, and Mirror UK adds that he wants to host a new show in the UK, to encourage people to be more open about cosmetic surgeries. He reportedly has spent £373,000 on all the surgeries.

Now, he wants to be recognised by the Guinness Book of Records for undergoing the most cosmetic procedures.





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