Meet The 3ft Japanese Man Who Makes Huge Money From Looking Like A Kid In P’rn Films

 24-year-old 3ft Japanese man, Kohey Nishi earns a living by acting like a child in X-rated films and having s8x with older women.

Nishi has an incurable disease called ‘mucopolysaccharidosis’ which halts growth and leaves him vulnerable to spinal cord injuries.
Although he struggles to stand for longer than five minutes because of his condition, it does not bother him as most of his p’rn shoots are in a bed. He also cannot open a plastic bottle or hear in his left ear due to the condition.

Nishi had a ‘miracle’ bone marrow transplant which has since stopped the disease’s development. He however admits that the pressure from being famous gets to him sometimes and he struggles to sustain an erection in front of p’orn film crews.

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