Meet Aleksa Konstatinov Gold Medal At The 56th International Olympiad In Mathematics

– Because of mathematics I stopped playing my favorite sport, I try to balance my relationships, school, exercise. Sometimes you have to sacrifice something – says Aleksa Konstantinov who won the gold medal at the 56th International Olympiad in Mathematics
Aleksa Konstantinov

That Serbia is a country of geniuses, is proved yet again by Kikinda native Aleksa Konstatinov, who won a gold medal at the 56th International Olympiad in Mathematics, which was held in Thailand from July 4-16.

With competing athletes from 104 countries of the world, of a total of 577 participants, young geniuses from Serbia, won, silver, two bronze and two special medals.
The road to gold, was not at all easy, as in any sport, you need a lot of practice, work and effort, says the young genius.
– The system of solving tasks is such that you do three tasks in two days, for 4,5 hours. The test contained a total of six tasks, which are classified as being – heavy, medium and easy. I was maximally concentrated on tasks and above all sure in myself – explained the young mathematician.
SERBIA, COUNTRY OF CHAMPIONS: This Serb is the best mathematician in the world!
His love for mathematics started in elementary school, “Svet Sava” and that love was developed by professor Desanka Cepelnik. Even in earlier grades he realized he had a passion for math, and enrolled in a Mathematics high school in Belgrade, and is currently in grade 11.
Foto: Ninoslav Čujić

Foto: Ninoslav Čujić

– Because of mathematics I stopped playing my favorite sport, I try to balance my relationships, school, exercise … sometimes you’ve got to sacrifice something! I left basketball for the sake of mathematics – says Aleksa.
Appearance on a planetary gathering was preceded by elimination contests in the organization of Mathematical Society of Serbia, which is selected by young mathematicians, who will make the Olympic team of mathematicians of Serbia. The preparations for this competition was difficult –said Aleksa.
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– The feeling when you take a medal in your hands because you’re the best in the world, can not be described – he explains.
The only thought that went through his head, was – that with this gold medal, he will be able to compete in the prestigious Boston University.
Foto: Ninoslav Čujić
In addition to being the pride of his parents and friends, Aleksa is the great pride of the city – said the Mayor of Kikinda, Pavle Markov, who awarded the young genius the Plaque of the city:
GREAT JOB KIDS: Silver medal and five commendations for Serbian mathematicians!
– Aleksa is just one example that Kikinda has  young, talented and successful people. Aleksa’s gold medal should be a motivation for all young people that it is worth studying, investing in yourself, because a reward for all your hard work is coming sooner or later – said Markov.
Foto: Ninoslav Čujić
About how much work and effort was needed to win the gold, only Aleksa knows. Although it is summer break, this young genius does not know what it is to rest.
– Math requires constant work, I will practice during the holidays, but I’d love to hang out with his friends – he says.
Although the gold medal is by far his favorite, Aleksa hopes that this is only the beginning, because,  as he says – “dreams come true only if you believe in what you are doing!”

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