Meet The Man Who Spent Over $25K To Look Like David Beckham


There’s no doubt David Beckham is one of the most attractive guys out there. With his model-good looks, athletic prowess and equally-impressive family life with wife Victoria Beckham and their four children, a lot of people want to be him … or be like him … but here’s a guy who’s taking that desire to the extreme.

A 19-year-old Brit named Jack Johnson (no, not that one) appeared on UK’s “This Morning” earlier this week to show what he looks like after dropping $26,000 on procedures to make him look like the soccer stud.

And yes, even after all that work, he’s the first to admit he looks nothing like Becks.
“I know I don’t look like him, I’m not that stupid,” Johnson confesses in the clip above. “I got a long way to go to get my goals to look like him.”

Jack says he’ll have to spend another thirty grand to achieve his goals, after already plopping down a serious sum for cheek and chin fillers, an eyebrow lift and work on his lips and teeth. “I have tanning injections once a month to try to have his skin tone,” he adds.
Who knew that was even a thing?!

As for his weight, Johnson admits he’s “not slim like him, I ain’t got the six pack,” but plans to get a gastric band.

“I’ve had problems all my life with weight, I’m not just doing it as the quicker way to lose weight,” he says of the procedure. “I’m doing it, I’ve tried every diet in the book to lose weight, I’ve tried exercise and I can’t do it.”

The teen says he’s already had to take out loans for the work he’s had done and is in serious debt … but adds, “at the moment, I feel happy.”

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