Meet Three Siblings That Graduated The Same Day, 27,18 And 4 year-old

La’Shunda, 27, DJ, 18 and Tiana, 4, are siblings who are all graduating with their respective qualifications this year. La’Shunda has earned her master’s degree, DJ his diploma and young Tiana has completed her kindergarten.
La’Shunda shared their incredible story on Because of Them We Can’s Facebook page in order to inspire others. She wrote that while she took too long to finish her undergraduate studies, the motivation they shared gave her the impetus to finish her master’s degree on schedule.
La’Shunda also thanked their parents for providing them an enabling environment to achieve their goals. She wrote: “I literally thank them from the bottom of my heart for giving us life. For allowing the ones who know us to look to us like an example family. For allowing us to grow up in a two parent home.” Commenters congratulated the inspiring trio of siblings. Belinda Marion said: “Congratulations! It was hard but worth ever minute. Blessings.” Lisa Sousares wrote: “Congratulations on all your hard work and perseverance! Be blessed.

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