Melbourne Has Been Ranked As The Horniest City In Australia

If you’re wondering where in Australia you might be most likely to find yourself engaging in bedroom antics, new statistics appear to suggest that Melbourne might be your best bet.


Adult app store Lazeeva has kindly asked Aussies about their sex life, mainly how horny they are. Respondents were told to rank their sex drive from one to five, with five being the equivalent of ‘I need a partner, pronto’.

People living in Melbourne have come out on top with a score of 4.2, with Sydney close behind with a 4.12 score. While the south-eastern capital city topped the list, the state of Queensland had the most amount of locations in the top ten.

Gold Coast came in third with 4.09, Cairns followed behind with 3.95, while Brisbane was sixth with 3.76.


Lazeeva CEO, Nico Hribernik told the Daily Mail: “It is interesting to see how something as natural and essential as our libido can be affected by where we live. Further studies should be made to better understand what are the common denominators that are affecting the sexual life of Australians – as it is crucial for a well-balanced society.”

Not only does the Victorian city rank as the horniest, but it also has the highest proportion of sexually satisfied women. In a survey of nearly half a million people, Melbourne women came out with a score of 8.1 out of 10 for satisfaction and, impressively, 9.4 out of 10 for sex toy purchasing.


Melbourne was also ranked 17th in the world on a list of the most sex-positive cities. Locations were ranked on how sexually active, experimental and satisfied they are, as well as their sex toy and porn consumption. Melbourne had a score of 72.4 out of 100, which was the highest Australian city on the list.

But who tops the overall list for great sex?

Well they don’t call Paris ‘the City of Love’ for nothing. The French capital took the number one spot, with Parisians coming away with a 9.9 score for sexual activity and 9.4 for sexual experimentation.

Unfortunately, somebody has to come in last and that was the people of Cork, Ireland. It’s unclear whether the overall score of 18.1 out of 100 was because of a lack of respondents or if the shit weather is taking a serious toll on the city’s sex life.

The data was compiled from people aged between 17 and 70, and then combined with statistics and reports from health departments in each country.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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