Milo Ventimiglia Teams Up with Duracell & FDNY for Fire Safety

Milo Ventimiglia is utilizing his This Is Us character Jack Pearson’s demise to advance a commendable and fitting reason!

The 40-year-old performing artist’s most up to date extend is a PSA with Duracell Batteries urging everybody to supplant the batteries in their smoke indicators when they change their tickers for Daylight Savings Time on Sunday (March 11).

“It’s always been a thing where my father on Daylights Savings would change the batteries in his smoke detector, so it was a natural fit to work with Duracell on this campaign,” Milo explained (via People) while joining real-life heroes at the FDNY165 51st Street on Thursday (March 8) in New York City.

“There’s obviously the direct ti-e in to Jack and Rebecca not getting batteries for their smoke detector, and I recently put smoke detectors in my own home,” Milo added. “Two-thirds of fire deaths are caused by improper functioning smoke detectors, but it also helps just having a plan of action.”

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