Mother Who Encouraged Her Daughter To Fight Pregnant Girl, Arrested

The mother of a 16-year-old girl involved in a fight with a pregnant teenager has been arrested and charged with felony child abuse after she allegedly encouraged her daughter to fight.

Celena Troupe, 34, can allegedly be heard on video of the fight between her daughter and the pregnant girl telling her daughter to “beat that a**.”

What’s more, according to police, Troupe “actively encouraged” the fight and even knew that her daughter’s opponent was pregnant at the time.

Police added that Troupe “did not make any effort to stop or restrain her daughter from fighting during the first two to three (minutes) of the altercation.”

Troupe was released from Pinellas County jail on Friday after posting $5,000 bond.

The fight itself was captured on camera as the two girls threw punches and pulled each other’s hair. The fight did not end until one of the girls climbed into a waiting SUV and drove away. The whole time, none of the adults who were present stepped in to stop the fight as it was going on.

It is unclear whether either of the girls was injured in the fight, and an arrest affidavit does not indicate any injuries.

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