Mother Screamed ‘My Babies, My Babies’ After Finding Two Triplets Dead

A fundraising campaign has been set up to support the family of two baby triplets who died in a ‘tragic accident’.

The five-month-old baby boys were found dead at a home in Bridgend, south Wales, on Saturday morning. A third baby brother is understood to be healthy.

Mother screamed 'My babies, my babies' after finding two triplets dead

Two of the triplets were found dead in their cot – a fundraiser has reached its £5,000 target for the boys’ funeral (Picture: Wales News Service)


The babies are named on a Go Fund Me page as Noah and Charlie, sons of Sarah Owen.

Writing on the fundraising site, which has raised £5,000 to help pay for funeral costs, Siobhan Boyd said: ‘Sadly this morning [Saturday] two of my beautiful godsons passed away.

‘I’m trying to raise money for their mother to help with the costs of flowers etc.

‘If anybody would like to help hopefully we can raise enough to take the financial stress off Sarah at this difficult time. Thank you all for reading xxx’

Mother screamed 'My babies, my babies' after finding two triplets dead
Investigations are taking place to find out how Noah and Charlie died (Picture: Wales News Service)

Emergency services were called at around 10.05am. There are no suspicious circumstances.

A police spokesman said: ‘The five-month-old children were conveyed to hospital where tragically they were later pronounced deceased.

‘There are no suspicious circumstances surrounding the deaths which are being treated as a tragic accident.’

It is believed one line of inquiry is whether sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), also known as cot death, was involved.

Witnesses said that their mother was heard screaming ‘my babies, my babies’ after finding them dead in their cot.

She was seen holding Ethan in her arms in the street while fireman checked her house for a gas or carbon monoxide leak.

Mother screamed 'My babies, my babies' after finding two triplets dead
A fundraiser quickly reached its £5,000 target for their funeral

Post-mortem examinations are being carried out to discover what killed the two tots in the middle of the night.

A neighbour said: ‘Sarah’s a single mum and lives there with the triplets who were her pride and joy.

‘She found Noah and Charlie dead when she got up on Saturday morning. She called for help and when no one came she dialled 999.

‘The emergency services arrived and got her and Ethan out the house where she was screaming: “My babies, my babies”.’

Family friend Anne Way, 64, went to help firemen carry the two infants from the house.

She said: ‘She was totally distraught holding Ethan tightly to her chest. They wanted to take them both to hospital so I offered to take Ethan off her while she put her shoes on.

‘But she shouted: “Leave my baby”. She was in a terrible state.’

Sarah and Ethan were checked over at the Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend.

Retired hospital receptionist Mrs Way said: ‘That’s what no one can understand – how two of the triplets died and one survived. As far as I know they all slept in the same room.

Tests are also being carried out to discover if the babies died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Sarah doted on the triplets, of which two were identical, after they were born prematurely in April.

All three spent time in a neonatal intensive care unit but were allowed home in May after putting on weight.

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