NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Captures Incredible Images Of Jupiter

Over the last year there have been many suggestions that NASA are edging closer to announcing alien life forms, though it feels as if those believers will never actually know.

But while you wait for the next piece of evidence about vapour plumes and all the rest of it, NASA’s Juno spacecraft has sent some truly incredible up-close images of Jupiter back to Earth.

The pictures were taken on the craft’s seventh science flyby over the planet, during which it orbits Jupiter, edging closer every 53 days for research before retreating again to avoid the intense radiation, IFL Science reports.

Credit: NASA

The pictures look a lot like Vincent Van Gogh paintings, which is cool, but also totally irrelevant.

The agency released the images to their website for the public to see and to discuss.

Juno reportedly came within 3,500 kilometers (2,200 miles) of the planet, capturing the swirling clouds that indicate fierce storm in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter.

Credit: NASA

Researchers are hoping that the photographs can help with studies looking into what the core of the planet is like.

Juno is set to orbit Jupiter 12 times, ending its mission in July next year. There could be an option to extend the mission should certain things be in place, like the condition of the spacecraft.

Featured Image Credit: NASA

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